Our Services


We are currently covering around 20,000 outlets through retail, wholesale, HoReCa, modern trade, Halwani, Tamwin channels, while keeping growth & expansion of this as a one of our leading objectives.

Operation Trucks

In TAWZEIY we have more than 350 trucks covering all our existing regions with a set plan for growth and capability to multiply our truck numbers.

Our internal plan is to increase the number of trucks to achieve our future goals and help us become the preferred distributor for our existing and prospective partners as well.

Storage Space

We have around 19,000 square meters storage space of 21 stores across Egypt till year 2020 and we’re still expanding.

Where are we?

In TAWZEIY we have 21 branches covering 9 regions till year 2020, with the objective of having a network covering all of Egypt by 2022.