Our Values

Partner Satisfaction

We ensure to deliver the highest level of quality services to our partners. We meet our core values and exceed our partner’s expectations through innovative solutions, high focus and passion


Our people are our most important asset! We cultivate positive relationships with our team members. We show respect, stand up for their needs, acknowledge each other’s uniqueness and show gratitude in our words.

As a team, we support each other through challenges and celebrations. We also train, develop and motivate our team to deal with conflict promptly and fairly.


We deliver on our promises and take responsibility for our performance in all our decisions and actions. We take business decisions based on good judgement and we measure our work based on the highest standards of integrity and excellence.


We commit to our promises, reach our targets and always deliver on time. We meet and exceed expectations because we are always prepared. We are extremely loyal to our communities and we manage with high focus and passion.

Execution Excellence

We set high standards and consistently try to exceed them. We are disciplined to excel in our work, we focus on achieving perfection throughout all steps. We aspire to be the best distribution company in Egypt and to be led by example.

Our focus on the results creates a tremendous value to our work as we expand our growth in each and every aspect to match the company’s increasing scale & expansion.


We believe that every relationship begins with trust, that’s why we are very transparent with our clients, and communities.

We believe in doing what is right for our clients. We follow through on our commitments and we have the courage to be honest with all our communities.


We think long term, we operate with high commitment to our clients and consider them partners. We ensure to add value to our partners and be their preferred distributor. We continuously improve to meet our partners’ developments.